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Membership in the Reform Caucus is open to members of the Democratic State Committee, the Executive Committee and officers of the Democratic State Committee, and Democratic County Chairs.

The Reform Caucus has its roots in the 1950's reform movement led by such great Democrats as Eleanor Roosevelt and Herbert Lehman. The Reform Caucus works to make the Democratic Party more open and democratic in its procedures, and progressive on the issues.

Meetings of the Reform Caucus are open to all registered Democrats. The Caucus always meets in conjunction with meetings of the Democratic State Committee, and often between those meetings. The by-laws and officers of the Caucus are listed under the links shown on this page.

The Reform Caucus serves as a forum for independent-minded members of the Democratic State Committee to discuss policy issues and formulate positions on public policy for consideration the NY Democratic Party. The Party has not had a formal Platform in many years, but the resolutions advanced by the Caucus, read together, form a substantial and progressive Platform for the Democratic Party. Those resolutions are reproduced under the Platform tab on this page. Some forward-looking resolutions have failed of adoption, but we hope they will become part of the Future Platform of the NY Democratic Party.

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